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In early 2016, Bri did her first CrossFit workout and was instantly hooked.  What drew her to CrossFit, was the immediate friendship of fellow athletes and being surrounded by a such a supportive community.

Motivated by her own weight loss transformation, Bri knew she wanted to follow her lifelong passion of helping others through CrossFit, Nutrition, and Fit Foundations coaching.


Now, she holds World, National, and State records as an elite 60 kilo power-lifter, using CrossFit for conditioning and to maintain her competitive edge.  She is also pursuing a Nutrition Certification through Precision Nutrition.

Favorite Class Motivator: Finish as strong as you started!


Words to live by: Be happy, it’s a choice.


Favorite artist:  I love John Mayer and Blink 182, depends on my mood!


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