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​Are you ready for class? Here is exactly what you need to do in order to maximize your progress through proper preparation.



We are excited to have you learn more about CrossFit Little Creek... Start here!


Walking into a gym can be intimidating, but we are not just any gym... here is what to expect when you arrive at CrossFit Little Creek.

The Warm-up

A proper warm-up is one of the biggest factors in having an effective workout and staying safe. We guide each of our classes through a purposeful warm up to make sure they are ready to dominate their workout.

The Workout

Our workouts are designed to deliver unprecedented results- not through gimmicky equipment or faddish movements, but with thoughtful programming, diligent coaching instruction, and constantly varied stimuli that create a fast-track to the results you seek.


Scheduling and reserving spaces is such a hassle. That is why all of our athlete packages allow attendance at any of our classes throughout the day.  Booking is easy- just select a membership option, sign in for class (on our app or on site), and show up & BOOM! You are on your way towards a fitter you.

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