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The most important part of CrossFit? It is FUN!  Our athletes smile, high-five, and encourage each other to be their absolute best.  We are a welcoming and inclusive community, family and gym.


With 4000 square feet of indoor gym space, and another 8000 square feet of beautiful outdoor workout area, each of our athletes has plenty of room (and equipment!) to ensure a safe and effective workout every session.

We target a specific Strength or Skill movement each day during the class segment titled "SWOD" or Strength/Skill Workout of the Day.  It is our opportunity to reinforce good movement mechanics and work on technique without feeling rushed.

The pinnacle of a CrossFit class is the WOD, or "Workout of the Day". Long story short, this is the highest intensity portion of class, and is responsible for creating the positive changes and increased performance capacity that CrossFit has grown famous for.

Our Coaches are leaders,  mentors, cheerleaders,  professionals, and friends all wrapped into one. Each of our professionally trained coaches have your best interest, both in and out of the gym, at heart. We are building better people each and every day.

CrossFit is "universally scalable". That means it is accessible to all. We cater to each specific athlete's individual needs by making small tweaks to the planned workout for the day in order to ensure the goal effects are reached in a safe and sustainable fashion.

​Intensity is the key component that makes the Workout of the Day (WOD) effective.  Each person has a their own relative level of intensity. This is why you don't have to already be in shape to start. Intensity is why people see results so quickly no matter their age, gender, or background. 

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