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HINT: It is the People!

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

I was asked yesterday if it is hard to be in the fitness industry in a town where the large majority of people are connected to the military and have access to the plethora of free on-base facilities, gyms, and equipment.

That got me thinking a bit about what it is that has allowed us to be so successful when so many alternatives do in fact exist.

Working out where you work can prove challenging.

Often, by the end of a rigorous workday, or when waking up with the thought of the workday to come, the last thing you want to do is stay late or go to work early and spend extra time on base. Not to mention, when fires arise or impromptu meetings pop up, it is all too easy to push the pause button mid-warmup and find yourself unable to return.

Not ideal.

Most of the time though, when people compare us to other gyms… even more traditional gyms like Planet Fitness, One Life, the YMCA and others that are not on a military base, they judge us based on our similarities. We all have barbells so we must be the same right?

But in truth, it is our differences that have helped provide such great results for our athletes, created one of the friendliest and accepting gym families in Virginia, and encouraged numerous others to follow in our footsteps and become coaches and open facilities around the country.

The majority of people in America spend their time in one of three locations; home, work, and another. Sometimes that third spot is a bar, while for others it might be attending a club or hobby group. But simply being a healthy off-base, third location is surely not the reason that so many Navy, Marine, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and even NATO service members have decided to workout with us.

(We even have Navy SEALs, who have the absolute best equipment money can buy at their disposal, come and train at our facility rather than utilize the gear provided for them- it isn't our prestine equipment that differentiates us.)

The things that we share in common with other facilities; towel service, showers, cleanliness rivaling an operating room, and top of the line equipment are great, but NOT what set us apart. Those items have simply become mandated requirements for professional

fitness facilities, not just those who aim to deliver a bespoke experience.

So what are the things that actually DO set us apart from the other options in the Norfolk area?

HINT: Our Athletes, Coaches, and Community make all the difference.

Our Athletes

We have a diverse group of athletes who live to support each other’s accomplishments, and take as much joy from the accomplishments of others as they do in achieving a new personal accomplishment themselves.

Our community laughs and smiles together, both in the gym and around the community at our frequent member gatherings, and even more often at impromptu post-class dinners or hang-out sessions.

We have retired military officers, newly enlisted soldiers and sailors, attorneys, doctors, Real Estate agents, teachers, full time moms and everything in between… and we all support each other through achievements and struggles no matter what stage of our fitness journey we are in- we are all headed in the same direction!

Our Coaches

We ARE NOT a military facility. We employee and contract with premier fitness professionals. We are not forced to abide by specific practices or fall in line with the policies of a governmental hiring process.

We find the absolute friendliest qualified coaches, integrate them into our purpose built and highly structured internship program, develop their ability to deliver the gold standard in fitness coaching, and then implement a rigorous coach’s development program that includes both personal and professional development and continuing education.

Our Results

We are not a weight-loss program. Our methodology is centered on helping to prepare and perform during life’s unknown challenges.

First we make sure your mechanics are perfect. Proper form reduces the risk of potential injury during any locomotion, but the real benefit is increased efficiency and ability to perform functional task.

Second, we aim to increase consistency. Doing things perfect still, but now doing the perfect every single time.

And third, we look to increase the intensity by varying load, distance, or speed at which we accomplish task. That is the real secret sauce that helps our athletes see so much progress. And again, we aren’t a weight loss program, BUT…

One of the really cool side effects is improved body composition. Other side effects include experiencing an improvement in mood, extra energy, improved biomarkers, lower blood pressure, reduced inflammation, AND looking better naked- and when you can regularly provide just that, it makes it REALLY EASY to be in the fitness industry no matter what town you call home!

If you are interested in finding out how we can help you be a part of what you just read, the first step is a free No Sweat Consult. Schedule yours HERE!

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