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As a Firefighter/Paramedic, Daniel found in 2010 that CrossFit's variety and functionality fell directly in line with his job.


Seeing the sad yet completely preventable state of health for so many people on emergency calls had a profound affect on him.


"I often treat patients who live a sedentary lifestyle, and see what kind of toll that can take on the body. I'm a big believer in getting up and moving every day, using functional movements, increasing your heart rate, and getting out of breath. It doesn't have to be a level 10 on the first day, but it starts with your first day and just getting into the gym. And then a second day, and then a third day, etc. Simply starting gives your body the ability to maintain it's health and strength no matter what age."


Daniel has been a CrossFit Level One Trainer since 2016, and brings enthusiasm and an eye for technical movements to every class.


He has two awesome young kids and lives here in Norfolk, Virginia.


Class motivator: "Get out of breath, feel that lactic acid.. don't be afraid of that, that's a good thing!" 

Word's to live by: It's ok to get a little uncomfortable, that's how we keep going forward.


Artist: Led Zeppelin.

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