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Your Four Minute Mile

For a long time, people considered running a 4-Minute Mile impossible.

It was a barrier that could not be overcome- a "violation" of the laws of physics.

People just didn’t think it could be done.

Running an entire mile, 1600 meters, in 3:59? Impossible...

Doctors of the time claimed that any person who would dare try to break the four minute record would die, as the human body could not handle the stress.

That is, until Roger Bannister did just that in on May 6th, 1954, completing the task in 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds.

The race went off as scheduled at 6:00 pm. In front of around 3,000 spectators, Bannister and his pacers went immediately to the lead. They sustained an overall pace so fast that even the slowest split, the final 400 meters, was completed by Bannister in under 59 seconds.

"Doctors and Scientist said breaking the four minute mile was impossible, that one would die in the attempt. Thus, when I got up from the track after collapsing at the finish line, I figured I was dead" joked Bannister.

His record lasted just 46 days.


Because the record that had once stood as unobtainable, had now been achieved. Everyone had convinced it could not be done... except Bannister. But now, everyone else's minds had been opened, their confidence improved.

Bannister was sold on his own abilities, and did not let the naysayers, the "haters", or society stand in his way. He was so determined, that not even science itself could prevent him from achieving his goal. But in the weeks that followed, numerous new records would be set, with even Bannister improving on his previous best.

Once it had been shown to be possible, once the previously impossible feat had been conquered, many others were able to achieve it.

That same record-breaking pace run by Bannister is now an entry point for anyone wishing to be considered a serious contender in the realm of running. In fact what was once considered impossible, is now somewhat common in the sport.

What can be learned from this?

We don't have to take no fro an answer when it comes to our goals.

We can achieve greatness despite what our families, co-workers, and even the "professionals" say.

People accomplish seemingly impossible task each and every day, and with a little commitment and determination (and maybe a bit of help), so can you. So... what is your "Four Minute Mile"?

We believe in you. We have seen records set, miraculous personal achievements, and accomplishments most never thought possible. But, the first step is getting started.

If you are interested in talking to us more about how to break through your barriers, schedule a free No-Sweat Consult with us and let's take a look at your goals and develop a plan for your success today.

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